Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some sad, sad truths! 

1.  I just published a comment from 2011 .... sad.
2.  I haven't posed since January 2012 ... sad.
3.  I haven't done a challenge in who knows how long ... sad.

I'm not going to make any goals here because I just can't promise how much I will blog but I miss it and I miss checking out all the other blogs out there for ideas and inspiration.  So I'm just going to try and be better. :)

I have some photos for a class that I will be doing at Scrapbook Parade in the near future.  It is a Christmas class which I thought would be sort of difficult to get in the mood for and shockingly it was not.  I put on Anne of Green Gables (one of my go-to crafting movies) sat down with a big class of water and got totally inspired for Christmas.  So here are the photos for that class:

There is some clear embossing that is not showing up will in the photos ....

I tried 3 shots of this and it still doesn't show that the bottom is made out of layered 1.5 inch circles all with different embossing ... you will just have to imagine it! :)

T|his one I think would make a cute gift card card.  It's tied shut and says do not open until the 25th!

There is some clear embossing "HO,HO,HO" above Santa's belt ...

Ribbon tree with a little button snow bank!

Christmas Balls!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Card Classes at Scrapbook Parade

Hi Everyone,

This is a combination post .... of two sets of card classes I am going to be doing at our local scrapbook store out here in Victoria.  Scrapbook Parade is close to home and the new place I will be spending my Sundays! lol  I will also be doing a card of the month club and these are the first two classes.


Its sort of hard to see but that card in the middle is a 3D box that folds into an envelope and I am love with this technique.  I'm trying to brainstorm some Christmas cards for next year using the 3D style.  I will try and get a few individual shots of that card so you can see it better.

If your interested in the details of the paper and line being used check out Scrapbook Parade and their facebook page:!/ScrapbookParade

Thanks, L