Thursday, September 23, 2010

Morning Surprise

A couple of things ...

#1. I was very lucky to be picked over at Jitterbuggin as top 3 for my apple themed card. So thanks very much to Sherri and her wonderful challenges.

#2. Dorcus at is having a giveaway and she is really lovely and always takes time to comment on peoples posts so you should pop over and support her.

#3. COMMENTS... I really try hard to comment back when people comment on my posts because I really appreciate people taking the effort to do so. That being said there are people that don't actually have their blogs listed in there profiles so I can't find you to say thanks and to check out your work. So if I don't comment I'm sorry and that is why! The other reason could be that I will have just gone temporarily insane and missed your comment altogether ... :)

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