Friday, August 20, 2010

Just moved card

Ok SOOOO this week I was going to actually make the Jitterbug challenge on time, lol! So I made my card tonight so that there was no way I could miss the deadline.

So for this challenge you had to use stripes (my ribbon) and add an animal or two (monkey, bird, bug in my case). I started out and decided to use a tree as my main shape and I was just thinking I will put a bird in the tree as my animal. BUT that got me thinking even more and that got me making a "Just Moved" card and all these little animals were moving into the tree!

I have no one to give this too, lol but I think it turned out cute! I'm just excited that I've had this evening and I have tomorrow during the day to just craft away. YAY!

Oh and as a side note these animals are like 1 inch big and that was a big big mistake on my part! lol


  1. What a wonderful scene! And hats off to you for making all those little cuts-and they look incredible!

    Thanks for Jitterbuggin'

  2. Adorable card! One of the reasons I purchased Just Because Cards was for the tree!!!

  3. Your card is so cute -- love that tree!!