Monday, August 30, 2010

New Shelf

SO my lovely father built me a shelf that I "designed" (I don't know that you can really design a bookshelf) so I will just give myself credit for coming up with the right measurements for the shelves. I wanted it to be for my current cartridges but big enough that if and when I get more cartridges it would hold them all. So I got him to build it a big bigger then needed but I figured I could use it to hold some current projects etc. I think he just did the best job! I love it and it's actually really nice to have a place to put my cards, I usually just put them in a bucket!

Anyway thanks dad you did a great job and I find the whole thing very inspirational, I love looking over there mid day as I do my work! :)



  1. Ohh love this! Aren't you a lucky girl to have such a nice dad lol! I got your pm.. was just thinking about you today (and creeping the blog).. Will message you back tomorrow! LOVE all the work you've been doing... you're making me feel as though I need to kick up my crafting a notch!! Love it. :)

  2. Fabulous!!! You have a ton of Cricut cartridges! Lucky duck!

  3. I love it and the fact that you made it a little big so that you have room to grow!